Onward ~ Farewell To Studio Diary

Onward ~ Farewell To Studio Diary

With much consideration, I’ve decided to let go of my Studio Diary to re-launch a new blog here ( to focus on my jewelry process and creations.

My inspirations and wonders about so many things took me in a direction that left my original intent for the blog unfulfilled. So, to create a blog to support my endeavor as a jewelry artist, I am starting over.

It has been an invigorating year of sharing and learning about your world through your posts. I am so grateful for all the support and kindness I have received from all of you. Thank you!

My Studio Diary will be up until mid April then re-launched with my new blog. Please come by and visit :)

I apologize for the delayed response to many of you who have favored and left comments on my posts. My production schedule remained constant until now. With breaths of renewed energy, I will come by and visit soon.

Below is a photo I took last Autumn three months after I started my blog.  Tacked to my inspiration board throughout the year, this photo reminds me daily to always move toward the forward paths.

Have a Joyous & Wondrous New Year everyone!


Madison Amid Daylight (MAD)

During mid-Autumn there is, on occasion, a glow that flows across the Manhattan skyline. I describe this light infusion as a sunshine that powers its last fuse with soft flares of light that emanate.

Standing on the corner of 51st Street and Madison Avenue at 5:40 on an October evening, this Autumn glow fell upon the corner I was standing at.

Suddenly for seven minutes at 50th Street, St. Patrick’s Cathedral was wrapped in a halo as stunning as any on a medieval church. As I continued north to 52nd Street, the reflections on the Tourneau building glistened with a 1950s glamour.

Oh, to experience a moment, in time, to say let there be light and to see it arise!

This post is in response to this Week’s Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! For more on the theme, visit our WordPress bloggers here.

51st Street and Madison

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

51th Street


52nd Street

Reflections of Building from 52nd Street

Tourneau Building

Tourneau Building


Expressions – The Unexpected

I enjoy the physical activity of walking. Often, I walk the same paths that are near my studio. During the day I take a break for an hour to allow my visual sense to focus on another activity.

My experience on these paths are always varied by the different dimensions that form through time in the physical spaces I pass.

Along the way, my body bends, leans, and squats to re-think the forms in the field of vision around me.

Below are my expressions of captures I took on one of my walks last week.





Different Viewpoint

Different Viewpoint

Another Perspective

Another Perspective



This post is in response to this week’s photo challenge: Unexpected.

Amazing Children Help Typhoon Victims

Originally posted on The Adventures of Iñigo Boy:

My home country, Philippines declared a national state of emergency following the recent typhoon, which was considered the strongest typhoon in the world. Millions were left homeless, and without a family.

Help started pouring from other countries, which was really amazing.

Today, allow me to share some inspiring stories of heroism from children around the world.



TOKYO-Thousands of miles in terms of distance certainly was not enough to keep six-year old Shoichi Kondoh from feeling compassion for Filipinos, not thinking twice about giving away his painstakingly saved-up piggyback savings as part of the ever-growing international relief aid.

Accompanied by his mother, Miho Kondoh, Shoichi visited the Philippine Embassy in Japan to hand over JPY 5,000. Shoichi said he was moved to donate his savings  after witnessing the extent of destruction the Philippines experienced from Super Typhoon Yolanda on television.

Consul Dexter Lao expressed the embassy’s gratitude for the sincere gesture…

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Walking Bridge

Walking Bridge

On Friday I received an email from Jeanine Payer’s Studio, one of my favorite jewelry designers. She is closing her business after twenty-five years. It was sad news to hear. The jewelry she creates is talismanic. Each piece carries an engraved poem or proverb. I have a few I’ve collected. My favorite piece is called Dante Book Necklace. It has a beautiful engraved verse on it by Dante. It says:

Infinite goodness
has such
wide arms.

I will miss the inspirations that come from her creative soul. Her online shop will be open until December 23rd. You can visit her collection here.

The picture for this post represents a new beginning, a walk to a new start. I created this inspirational image with the Dante verse in mind.

It may appear rather eerie, a ghostly bridge of sorts. For, I think sometimes that we become ghosts who re-haunt our own past. But, the future is where our life is, so I like to think of a bridge as a fresh beginning, one with bundles of possibilities wrapped in wide arms.

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